Soybean is referred to as the “GOLDEN BEAN” of the soybean family. Despite the fact that soybean is a legume, it is frequently utilized as an oilseed. It cannot be used as a pulse because of its low cookability and digestibility, resulting from the presence of a trypsin inhibitor. After groundnut, it is presently India’s second-largest oilseed. It grows in a variety of agro-climatic environments. In several places, it has become an important commercial crop.

Soybean has a lot of potential as a nutrient-dense and protein-dense food. It can provide much-needed protein to human diets since it includes more than 40% high-quality protein and all-important amino acids, including glycine, tryptophan, and lysine, just like cow’s milk and animal proteins. Soybeans also contain about 20% oil, which contains an important fatty acid called lecithin, as well as vitamins A and D. Soybeans have high phosphorus and calcium content in their 4 percent mineral salts.