India is the world’s greatest producer of chickpeas, supplying roughly 80-90 percent of the world’s supply. Kabuli Chana and Desi Chana are the two types of chickpeas used in India. Kabuli Chana/White Chickpeas has a creamier appearance and is larger than Desi Chana. Kabuli chana is usually sold by the count and millimeter size (7mm – 14mm). Desi chickpeas are brownish red in hue and smaller in size (about 4-8 MM), with colors ranging from light tan to complete black.

Desi chickpeas have a far higher fiber content than Kabuli chickpeas, resulting in an extremely low glycemic index, which may make them ideal for persons with blood sugar problems. Chickpeas are high in zinc, folate, and protein. They’re also strong in dietary fiber, making them a nutritious meal choice, especially for persons with insulin sensitivity or diabetes who need carbohydrates. They are low in fat, with the majority of the fat being polyunsaturated.